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Soccer Alumni Spotlight - Mike Bizon '00

Alumni Spotlight: Mike Bizon '00
Alumni Spotlight: Mike Bizon '00

Mike Bizon '00 was a four-year goalkeeper for the Hampden-Sydney Soccer team. He is a member of the Hampden-Sydney Athletics Hall of Fame and was a First-Team All-American and the ODAC Player of the Year in 1999.


Mike Bizon '00 Hometown

Charlotte, NC

Years attending H-SC




Current location

Charlotte, NC

Current job

Program Lead at Bank of America

Why did you choose H-SC?

Soccer was the motivating factor. I wanted an opportunity to make an immediate impact. After an initial visit and overnight with current players, I was sold on the location, atmosphere, and culture.

What are your greatest memories at Hampden-Sydney?

The feeling of being a real and vital part of the community. It was great to see professors' and locals' kids being ball boys and girls and participating in the soccer camps. You really felt that everyone was invested and truly wanted to see you succeed. From volunteer work to dinner with professors, I really felt that I was making an impact on the community and becoming a piece of the social fabric.

How has H-SC helped you in your life after college?

Obviously, the liberal arts education makes you a well-rounded individual and prepares you for the real world. But the connections you make with current students and alumni have really helped me advance in both my personal and career life.

What advice would you give to the current Hampden-Sydney men's soccer team?

These are the absolute best times of your life and enjoy every second of it. Four years flies by faster than you could ever imagine. Don't feel stressed out if you don't know what you want to do yet…you have your whole life to figure that out.

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