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TLAN - Tiger Lacrosse Alumni Network

The Tiger Lacrosse Alumni Network (TLAN) is an independent group of our lacrosse alumni. Our alumni group today has over 500 members and spans graduate years from 1972 through the present. TLAN has members living in 15 states, and our fields of endeavor range across all professional pursuits. TLAN members are alumni that have volunteered to act as career mentors to current varsity lacrosse student-athletes. The TLAN database is a secure site and will offer our student-athletes access to our TLAN alumni’s name(s), firm, industry, title, e-mail and telephone number. The site will include a listing of our TLAN alumni without contact information. There is a listing of our TLAN alumni at this site as well.

Brief History of H-SC Lacrosse

Hampden-Sydney Lacrosse will be celebrating its 40th year of lacrosse at Hampden-Sydney College during the 2015 season. We were a lacrosse club until 1978, when our program earned varsity status in the late 70’s. Our first graduating class of varsity lacrosse players (1982) earned national recognition when they received a #8 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Hampden-Sydney College is proud of the rich history of Tiger Lacrosse that includes four ODAC Championships and eight NCAA tournament runs. The Tigers have produced 64 USILA All-Americans, eight Academic All-Americans, 153 All-ODAC selections and 13 members of the H-SC Athletics Hall of Fame. Since 1995, the program stands among the top teams in the ODAC with more than 200 victories.

Initiation of TLAN

Many of our alumni that played on the 1982 team have been major supporters of our program. Joh Gibson '82, Face-Off Club Chairman, has most recently fathered the idea for instituting TLAN within our lacrosse program to the benefit of both our varsity lacrosse student-athletes and alumni.

Statement of Purpose

The Tiger Lacrosse Alumni Network (TLAN) supports Hampden-Sydney College, the administration, coaching staff, and our lacrosse student-athletes. TLAN is dedicated to the development of the career preparedness of our lacrosse student-athletes.

Procedure for Tiger Student-Athletes

Our student-athletes are encouraged to choose their major in their sophomore year at H-SC. Therefore, TLAN will serve to provide career mentoring to our sophomore, junior and senior student-athletes. The mentoring can include general advice in terms of career opportunities which can serve to broaden the horizons of our lacrosse student-athletes. It can also include mentorship and networking as our student-athletes seek summer internships and eventual career positions. Veteran student-athletes within our varsity lacrosse team will be able to access contact information for our TLAN participants and will be encouraged to contact several of our TLAN alumni within their field of interest with letters of introduction. Emails, phone calls, and eventual meetings will likely ensue. Our student-athletes will develop a relationship with one or more of our alumni that will serve them in their quest for career advice.

Freshmen student-athletes will also have access to TLAN in the event that they would like to get an early start in their explorations toward expanding their interests and horizons. This may lead to early access to internships.

Did you know that at Hampden-Sydney College

  • One in six of our 9,000 Hampden-Sydney active alumni are presidents, CEOs, or owners of their own companies or business.
  • Of 175 colleges and universities in the Southeast, H-SC was ranked 12th of salary earnings by their graduates in their first position, and 15 years after graduation, just ahead of schools like the University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins University.
  • Forbes Magazine cited Hampden-Sydney College in the Top 50 (August 2009) and Top 54 (2009) of colleges and universities nationally.

Lacrosse Growth in the USA and Abroad

US Lacrosse, the sport's national federation, cites that there are now approximately 1.5 million lacrosse players in the US last year, up 37 percent from 2008, the largest jump in team sports, according to a Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) survey. Youth lacrosse (15 and under) had 361,275 players in 2011, up 11.3 percent from the previous year and the fastest-growing segment, according to US Lacrosse.

The sport is also expanding from its traditional Mid-Atlantic and New York roots. According to the SFIA survey, there are just as many players in the New England and South Atlantic regions, with participation up in California, Oregon, and Washington.

There are now well over 40 countries playing lacrosse worldwide, including many of the top economic markets. Lacrosse may be in "pockets" within these countries, but the sport is being played by men and women that work within the high end of their countries economic markets.