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Hampden-Sydney Athletic Hall of Fame Members

Name Year of Graduation Induction Class Sport(s)
Jerry Adams full bio Jerry Adams 1953 1994 Basketball
Alfred Ashton Adkins full bio Alfred Ashton "Spritter" Adkins 1927 1989 Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball
David Allen full bio David Allen 1985 2006 Football
David Anthony full bio David Anthony 1977 1991 Golf
Carl Lloyd Arehart full bio Carl Lloyd Arehart 1931 1990 Football, Basketball, Track
Rick Bagby full bio Rick Bagby 1979 2017 Special Citation
Ralph Baker full bio Ralph Baker 1989 1999 Basketball, Baseball
William N. Balas full bio William N. Balas 1949 1995 Basketball
Bat Barber full bio Bat Barber 1992 2015 Basketball, Lacrosse
Jack Barber full bio Jack Barber 1989 2000 Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
Charles T. Baskervill full bio Charles T. "Charlie" Baskervill 1975 1988 Golf
Murrie Bates full bio Murrie Bates n/a 2015 Special Citation
William G. Benson full bio William G. Benson 1960 1989 Football
Charles A. Bernier full bio Charles A. "Yank" Bernier 1912 1988 Baseball
Butch Beverly full bio Butch Beverly 1973 2011 Football, Baseball
Chris Bissinger full bio Chris Bissinger 1995 2008 Lacrosse
Michael Bizon full bio Michael Bizon 2000 2010 Soccer
Bill Blair full bio Bill Blair 1953 2009 Special Citation
Rob Bonaventura full bio Rob Bonaventura 1983 2002 Lacrosse
R. Dwayne Bowyer full bio R. Dwayne Bowyer 1992 2002 Football
Otis Bradley full bio Otis Bradley 1963 2005 Wrestling, Football
Bob Brenaman full bio Bob Brenaman 1926 1993 Special Citation
John Luster Brinkley full bio John Luster Brinkley 1959 2007 Special Citation
John Brisner full bio John "Mike" Brisner 1927 1994 Football, Baseball
Al Buchinsky full bio Al "Buck" Buchinsky 1939 1994 Football, Baseball, Basketball
William Bull full bio William Bull 1896 1992 Special Citation
Geoff Burness full bio Geoff Burness 1973 2001 Basketball
Dick Burrell full bio Dick Burrell 1938 1995 Special Citation
Richard Burroughs full bio Richard "Chamie" Burroughs 1999 2011 Lacrosse
Joe Bush full bio Joe Bush n/a 2011 Special Citation
Clarence Campbell, Jr. full bio Clarence "Soup" Campbell, Jr. 1935 1989 Baseball, Football
Ted Chambers full bio Ted Chambers 1983 2000 Lacrosse
Lynn P. Chewning full bio Lynn P. Chewning 1950 1988 Football
C.W. Clemmons full bio C.W. Clemmons 2005 2016 Football
Gene Cooke full bio Gene Cooke 1958 1992 Baseball, Football
Josh Dickens full bio Josh Dickens 2002 2013 Soccer
Ray Dodson full bio Ray Dodson 1969 2017 Football, Wrestling
W. Birch Douglass, Jr. full bio W. Birch Douglass, Jr. 1936 1990 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Lewis Drew full bio Lewis Drew 1960 2001 Special Citation
Alfred Dudley full bio Alfred "Dickie" Dudley 1927 1993 Football, Track
Harold Dudley full bio Harold Dudley 1925 1993 Baseball, Football, Basketball
James W. Dunnington full bio James W. Dunnington 1911 1990 Special Citation
Bryan Duquette full bio Bryan Duquette 2000 2014 Tennis
Bob Eason full bio Bob Eason 1940 1996 Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track
John Ellis full bio John Ellis 1970 2012 Special Citation
Lewis C. Everett full bio Lewis C. Everett 1963 1989 Football
James D. Ferguson full bio James D. "Jimmy" Ferguson 1979 1990 Football
Woody Fitzhugh full bio Woody Fitzhugh 1974 2000 Special Citation
Bill Flowers full bio Bill Flowers 1971 2015 Special Citation
Bill Formwalt full bio Bill Formwalt 1936 1991 Football, Basketball, Track
Gus Franke full bio Gus Franke n/a 2002 Special Citation
James Gordon Frazer full bio James Gordon Frazer 1957 1990 Football, Track
J. Stokeley Fulton full bio J. Stokeley Fulton 1955 1988 Football, Baseball
Edgar Gammon full bio Dr. Edgar Gammon 1905 1995 Special Citation
Charles Garden full bio Charles Garden 1932 2008 Football
Cetric Gayles full bio Cetric Gayles 1993 2004 Football
Patrick Gee full bio Patrick Gee 2006 2017 Tennis
John Gibson full bio John Gibson 1982 1994 Lacrosse
Henry Tucker Graham full bio Henry Tucker Graham 1886 2004 Special Citation
James William Hardin full bio James William Hardin 1963 1989 Basketball
Jack Harrington full bio Jack Harrington 1960 2004 Football
H. Hiter Harris III full bio H. Hiter Harris III 1983 1997 Football
Leon Hawker full bio Leon Hawker 1960 1990 Basketball, Baseball
William Hay full bio William Hay 1942 1998 Special Citation
George Heilig full bio George Heilig 1965 1993 Football, Tennis
Ron Henry full bio Ron Henry 1956 1991 Football, Track
Will Hicks full bio Will Hicks 1993 2003 Baseball
John Hodges full bio John Hodges 1958 1995 Football
Robert W. Humphreys full bio Robert W. "Bobby" Humphreys 1958 1988 Baseball
John Hunt full bio John Hunt 1931 1991 Baseball, Football
Jeff Jackson full bio Jeff Jackson 1988 1998 Lacrosse
Brad Johnson full bio Brad Johnson 1989 2006 Lacrosse
A. Emerson Johnson III full bio A. Emerson Johnson III 1952 1988 Basketball
Berk Jolly full bio Berk Jolly 1996 2009 Golf
Ed Keefer full bio Ed Keefer 1974 2009 Football
Jason Keefer full bio Jason Keefer 1998 2016 Baseball
Ed Kelley full bio Ed Kelley 1975 1996 Football
David Kelly full bio David Kelly 1987 1998 Football, Baseball
Bill Kirk full bio Bill Kirk 1972 2012 Special Citation
Sid Kirstein full bio Sid Kirstein 1973 1994 Football, Track
Todd Lampman full bio Todd Lampman 1991 2001 Baseball
Robert Lawson full bio Robert Lawson 1930 1995 Football, Baseball, Basketball
James Lee full bio James Lee 1968 1998 Football, Baseball
Bill LeHew full bio Bill LeHew 1957 1992 Football, Track
Mike Leidy full bio Mike Leidy 1973 2002 Football
Whitey Lipscomb full bio Whitey Lipscomb 1966 1996 Football
Robert C. Long full bio Robert C. "Bobby" Long 1972 2003 Football
Chris Lucas full bio Chris Lucas 2003 2014 Lacrosse
Dale Marks full bio Dale Marks 1977 2007 Football
Jeff Mencini full bio Jeff Mencini 1984 2012 Soccer
Claude Milam full bio Claude Milam 1949 1996 Special Citation
Eugene Milener full bio Eugene Milener 1952 1998 Cross Country, Track
Louis F. Miller full bio Louis F. "Weenie" Miller n/a 1991 Special Citation
Thomas Marshall Miller full bio Thomas Marshall Miller 1943 1999 Special Citation
William R. Miller full bio William R. Miller 1967 2004 Wrestling, Football
George Dick Misenhelter full bio George Dick "Mouse" Misenhelter 1952 2003 Basketball, Baseball
Jeff Monroe full bio Jeff Monroe 2004 2014 Basketball
Ray A. Moore, Sr. full bio Dr. Ray A. Moore, Sr. 1900 1988 Special Citation
Scott L. Moorhead full bio Scott L. Moorhead 1981 1997 Football
Howard Myers full bio Howard "Howdy" Myers n/a 2010 Special Citation
Ben Newell full bio Ben Newell 1978 1999 Football, Baseball
Bill Newell full bio Bill Newell 1979 1999 Football, Baseball
Tom Oast full bio Tom Oast 2000 2013 Lacrosse
Ed Owens full bio Ed Owens 1980 1992 Basketball
Curtis Player full bio Curtis Player 1995 2005 Soccer
Tracy Powers full bio Tracy Powers 1973 2007 Football
George Proctor full bio George "Gummy" Proctor n/a 1991 Special Citation
Thom Quarles full bio Thom Quarles 1966 2006 Basketball
Brandon Randall full bio Brandon Randall 2004 2016 Basketball
Henry Read full bio Henry Read 1953 2010 Special Citation
Taylor Reveley full bio Taylor Reveley 1939 1994 Special Citation
Phil Rome full bio Phil Rome 1968 1996 Football
Earl Ross full bio Earl Ross n/a 2013 Special Citation
Jason Rostan full bio Jason Rostan 2003 2015 Lacrosse
Ray Rostan full bio Ray Rostan n/a 2017 Special Citation
Brent Rusnak full bio Brent Rusnak 1998 2017 Football, Basketball
Mac Russell full bio Mac Russell 2003 2015 Football
Bobby Saylor full bio Bobby Saylor 1963 2008 Football
Chris Scott full bio Chris Scott 2003 2013 Football
Tony Shaver full bio Tony Shaver n/a 2004 Special Citation
Gilman Z. Simms full bio Dr. Gilman Z. Simms 1930 1989 Special Citation
Jim Simms full bio Dr. Jim Simms n/a 2006 Special Citation
Walter Simms full bio Walter Simms n/a 2002 Special Citation
George Simons full bio George Simons 1975 2010 Football, Baseball
Conrad Singh full bio Conrad Singh 2004 2014 Football
Gladstone Smith full bio Gladstone Smith 1952 1993 Baseball, Football
Jim Smith full bio Jim Smith 1956 2008 Football
Tim Smith full bio Tim Smith 1980 2005 Football
Steve Snyder full bio Steve Snyder 1965 2007 Special Citation
Denis F. Soden full bio Denis F. Soden 1968 1997 Basketball
Walter Sprye full bio Walter Sprye 1943 1992 Football, Baseball, Basketball
Phil Suazo full bio Phil Suazo 1985 1995 Football
Charles Finley Talbot full bio Charles Finley Talbot 1932 2003 Tennis, Basketball
Dean Tester full bio Dr. Dean Tester 1954 2010 Baseball, Football
Robert J. Thalman full bio Robert J. Thalman n/a 1997 Special Citation
David Trickler full bio David Trickler 1965 1999 Basketball, Baseball
David Trumbower full bio David Trumbower 1971 1993 Baseball, Basketball
Russell Turner full bio Russell Turner 1992 2002 Basketball
J. Gray Tuttle full bio J. Gray Tuttle 1976 1997 Golf
Travis Tysinger full bio Travis Tysinger 1966 2001 Football, Baseball
Joe Viar full bio Joe Viar 1963 2012 Special Citation
Lou Wacker full bio Lou Wacker n/a 2005 Special Citation
Stephen Waskey full bio Stephen Waskey 1990 2000 Football
Jody Williams full bio Jody Williams 1987 2004 Baseball, Football
Ralph Frederick Willis full bio Ralph Frederick Willis 1930 2001 Football, Baseball, Basketball
Robert Wilson full bio Robert "Bob" Wilson 1978 2000 Football, Wrestling
Jeff Woody full bio Jeff Woody 2001 2011 Football
Jamie Worthen full bio Dr. Jamie Worthen 1998 2009 Lacrosse
Thacher Worthen full bio Thacher Worthen 1993 2004 Lacrosse, Water Polo